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Financial transparency and judicious cost-cutting could save Baltimore Symphony – Aug 12, 2019

It has now been seven weeks since the management of the […]

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The Filene Center at Wolf Trap is an awkward place to […]

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In some unexpected good news, the National Philharmonic has lived to […]

Subtle yet stirring, Noseda makes belated Wolf Trap debut with NSO – Jul 27, 2019

Two local orchestras are facing existential crises this summer. So it […]

Wolf Trap’s “Ariadne” offers effervescent treat in the dog days of summer – Jul 25, 2019

It’s a desert island summer for the intrepid Wolf Trap Opera […]

National Philharmonic to shut down – Jul 17, 2019

On Tuesday, the National Philharmonic announced plans to close permanently.  “It […]

August 22 – Jun 25, 2019

PostClassical Ensemble Washington National Cathedral Choir Angel Gil-Ordóñez, conductor Kevin Deas, […]

Pereira shines in belated Mozart concerto premiere with NSO – Jun 19, 2019

The National Symphony Orchestra delivered the second installment of its Mozart […]

Baltimore Symphony locks out musicians over stalled contract talks – Jun 17, 2019

The problems at the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra have gone from bad […]

Chantry marks Pentecost week with a thoughtful program  – Jun 16, 2019

Renaissance polyphony is one of the glories of music history, music […]